Bradley Orr

GUE Diver
PADI Open Water Instructor
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Bradley was born into water at a very young age, being taken on boating trips and as competitive swimmer in school. He began diving in 2005, reaching a 20 foot max depth under a frigid lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Needless to say....he was hooked.


Years later after joining the Military in 2009, he traveled to his new station in Panama City Florida. He meet Kelly for an Open Water refresher coarse and that very same day completed a night-drift dive. Shortly there after he completed his Advanced Open Water Certification in the dead of winter when no right person would be diving in Florida.


After moving to Alaska in 2010, he continued his habit of cold-water training. In 2012 earning an Rescue certification. Then in 2013, earned a GUE Fundamentals and Padi Divemaster, at the same time.


Bradley has a knack for Gourmet Cooking (a nickname ensues) and Photography. Not wanting to stop there, he plans to become an Instructor in August 2016 and taking Blue Gravity Scuba around the world.

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