Cody Williams

GUE Tech 1 Diver
PADI Divermaster

June of 2007 Cody started dive training by completing his PADI Open Water and Nitrox course in Panama City Florida. Finding out what lies on the bottom has become an obsession of his. Panama City area is several wrecks to include wreckage, bridge spans, tugs, and ships.  Shortly after certification Cody moved to Anchorage Alaska.

Diving and Alaska doesn’t run together in the same sentence but with a open mind and ready to explore Cody continued his dive training by obtaining Dry Suit, Advanced Open Water, Deep Diver, Boat, Night, Rescue, Search and Recovery, Emergency Responder, Master Scuba Diver, and Dive Master with Blue Gravity Scuba.  Shortly after, he was introduced into team diving concept by GUE.  This was the first step in the technical world, GUE fundamentals, Doubles Primer, and Recreational Diver 3. These were difficult courses because all the skills were new and gear configuration was new. Following the Air Force Cody finished his short time in Alaska and was sent to Arizona

Once getting to Arizona he continued diving regularly but then crossed over into the rebreather world.  The first unit he owned was the Hollis Prism 2 earning his certification with TDI.  After diving the unit for a bit he was then introduced to the Inspiration unit so naturally was persuaded to swap and get re certified using a completely upgradable unit.  Shortly after, he earned Tec 40 CCR, and Tec 60 CCR certification.  Continuing the team diving concept Cody pursued GUE certification of Technical Diver 1.  He was planning on Technical Diver 2 but time was cut short by another Air Force move to Fort Walton Beach Florida where he resides currently.

Cody’s goals as far as diving consist of finishing Tech 2, Tec 100 CCR, Cave 1, and Cave 2.  By the time he is done, he doesn’t want to be limited in any way on open or closed circuit.  Cody’s main goal in diving is seeing something that has rarely or never been seen before by man.

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