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Our dive center offers a wide variety of training programs and a large selection of equipment for sale. Regardless of your dive interests, we offer equipment and training packages to suit your needs. Our rental program is stocked with state of the art regulator and BC systems that are not only high performance, but designed to support proper diving skills.


Gas fills are provided by a Nuvair Voyager compressor system and supplemented with a Haskel gas booster, allowing us to easily service your air, nitrox or technical gas needs.  From single cylinders, to doubles and stage bottles - we have you covered!

Gas Fills


Blue Gravity Scuba maintains a Nuvair Voyager Compressor / Membrane system for air and nitrox fills up to 40%.


Current fill pricing is as follows:


Grade E Breathing Air:                                          $7 per Cylinder

Nitrox - (32% Standard Gas):                                $12 per Cylinder

Nitrox - Custom Blend (28-40%):                          $12 per Cylinder

Argon - 6 CF                                                        $6 per Cylinder

Standard Trimix (21/35,18/45,15/55,12/65,10/70)    

Fair Market Value Per CF of Helium



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