Jan Teope

Jan first learned to dive in April 2011 in the cold waters of Aurora, Colorado.  From there he was fortunate to experience his next 100 dives in the Asia Pacific in locations such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc.  During this time, he advanced himself to become a PADI Rescue Diver with the ambition to travel all over the underwater world.


In 2015, Jan met Kelly when introducing his wife to diving for the first time and has remained with Blue Gravity Scuba ever since.  In under a year, Jan has successfully completed many advanced diving courses to include his PADI Instructor course, Tec 40 CCR, and GUE Rec 3--all made possible through Blue Gravity Scuba. 


Today Jan’s diving career has allowed him to travel to countless areas in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, in the US and abroad, and he has no issues telling stories about his adventures.  Jan aspires to become a PADI Master Dive Instructor in the upcoming year to continue spreading the passion he shares with all of the members of Blue Gravity Scuba.

Contact Jan to start, or continue your underwater adventures!

PADI Instructor/GUE Rec 3 Diver

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