Kelly Colwell

CEO Blue Gravity Scuba

GUE Instructor​

PADI Master Instructor


Kelly started his diving career in 2007 in Panama City Florida and was instantly drawn to SCUBA, making over 200 dives in the first year following his open water certification! 


In 2009, Kelly decided to become a dive professional and obtained his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.  Shortly after being award the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor he was joined the staff of a dive center in Panama City, Florida and continued his training as an instructor,  achieving Master Scuba Diver Trainer and IDC Staff Instructor in 2010.

Kelly's military career then brought him to Alaska, where a whole new diving world opened up to him. In this new and often extreme environment, he continued his training, learning how to transition from a warm water, to a cold water diver.


While in Alaska Kelly continued to teach; both in the cold local waters and while travelling around the world - including Okinawa, Guam and Hawaii.  Kelly also continued to advance his own personal diving skills and sought advanced training from Global Underwater Explorers, acheiving the Technical Diver 1 rating before leaving Alaska.


In 2013 Kelly acheived PADI's Master Instructor and Elite Instructor of the year awards.


Since starting Blue Gravity Scuba, Kelly remains an extremely active diver; often seen in Lake Mead on the weekends (or mid-week when he's lucky!) teaching a dive class or expanding his personal dive skills. In 2014, Kelly passed GUE's difficult selection criteria and became a GUE instructor, allowing him to offer some of the most comprehensive training available to new (and experienced) divers.


Kelly has over 2500 dives total, including numerous technical dives using trimix dives and decompression techniques in extreme underwater environments.


If you ask Kelly what his favorite dive location is, he has a hard time deciding - as long as he's underwater, he's happy.


Contact Kelly to start, or continue your underwater adventures!


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